Starting the journey:

Before beginning sessions with me, receive a free 30-minute initial consultation: This initial conversation is designed to briefly discuss your current life situation and identify how I might best serve your needs.  Contact me now to get started.

My Rates:

My flat rate for individual sessions is $125 per one-hour sessions. (Scroll down for special phone session  & special multiple session package rates.)


Rates Include:

  • FREE 30-minute initial consultation
  • Individual session: in person
  • Individual sessions: via Skype
  • Free weekly text communications or “check-in’s” (up to 5 per week)
  • Free follow-up emails (as needed)
Feel good knowing you are giving back as you transform your own life! Every counseling session we share benefits counseling for women in need.

*Guess what! Rates are lower if you sign up for multiple session packages!*


Multiple session packages:

A) $400 – 4 x 1 hour sessions (meaning: 2 sessions per week or 4 sessions per month at $100 per session)

B) $1080 – 12 x 1 hour sessions (meaning: 3 months of 4 sessions per month at $90 per session) 

*Please talk with me if you need flexibility regarding cost. 


Phone session rates:

Don't have time to "go to" another appointment, but still want to experience the benefits of personal guidance and support?

Now offering a phone & email session package just for you!

Schedule a phone session at a time that's convenient for you and also receive an email "check-in" following our call.

Includes FREE 30-minute initial consultation.

Each individual 60-minute phone session cost- $85

Package of four 60-minute phone sessions cost- $290 ($50 savings!)


What Happens Next?

After completing an initial consultation, we will agree on the best format for your sessions in order to attend to your important needs and meet your goals. I am happy to work with you as often and for as long as you may feel you need: bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, etc

I find the best strategy for change is to give your self enough time to have a complete experience with me. While I can provide you with one session, the real magic happens with a minimum of 3 months of weekly sessions. I am also able to provide concentrated, intensive sessions consisting of several hours of counseling held within a short period of time (e.g. within one day, over a weekend, or over the course of one week.) 

Not all people fit the same mold, which is why I provide individualized care for all my clients. The length and number of sessions are based on an individual’s unique needs, which may evolve over time. Contact me to begin transforming your life!


In-person sessions are available in Durham, NC and Miami, FL (seasonally). Virtual sessions are available by phone or Skype nation wide.


Different needs require different levels of attention. Here are three levels of care I offer to help you find the best fit for your current life situation.

Level #1: “Diving”

Ideal for someone experiencing a current life transition, crisis, or breakthrough and requires more intensive attention. This level is also useful if you are ready to shine a light on a particularly difficult issue that you feel ready to address and transform. 

Recommended: one or two session per week + check-in texts + periodic email follow-ups + on-call support.


Level #2: “Flowing”

Ideal for someone who wants to continue making solid gains and achieve personal goals. At this level, the intensity of a life event has subsided and you feel more grounded. This level represents a commitment to continuing to transform your life.

Recommended: one session per week - or- one-hour sessions twice-per-month + check-in-texts + periodic email follow-ups.

Level #3: “Wading

Ideal for someone already doing deep personal work and needs more part-time encouragement and advocacy. This is a moderate level of support to help you maintain your goals while continuing to look for insight and feel connected. 

Recommended: one two two sessions per month + check-in texts + periodic email follow-ups. Customized sessions as needed.


Every level of support is malleable and flexible. For example, you might be “flowing” until a life transition happens and you decide to increase to “diving”. Or, you might want to go through each level of support in order. Some clients decide that “Flowing” indefinitely offers them the greatest benefit. I am confident that we can find the best level of support for you. Contact me to schedule an appointment. I look forward to meeting you!