What is a birth story?

Every mother leaves her birth with a unique life story about her experience of giving birth. Your birth story is more than just the retelling of the events that occurred before, during, and after labor. It is the wide range of emotions you experienced, the people who surrounded you, the setting in which you labored and birthed, and the unexpected events that took place. For some, it is a story of empowerment and met expectations. For others it is a story of grief and loss. Your birth story is unique to you. 


Why sharing your birth story with a trained birth-story listener is healing?

A trained birth-story listener will actively listen to your story and know what questions to ask to help you achieve deeper insight and healing. Though they mean well, our friends and family will often say what they think we need them to say to be supportive or insert parts of their own experience. All too often, our birth stories get told in bits and pieces here and there. This staggered story telling has little lasting benefit. 


What's a Birth Story Healing session?

Like peeling back layers of an onion, I will guide you through a series of specifically tailored questions that will will peel back and look at the layers of your story to illuminate the parts of your birth experience in need of attention and understanding. There is nothing you need to 'bring to' a session other than a curious mind and a desire for deeper self-awareness. Sessions last between 1hr - 1.5hrs each and are done in-person or over the phone/Skype. 


Do I need to have experienced a traumatic birth to benefit from Birth Story Healing sessions?

No! Mothers who had positive birth experiences also gain deep personal insight from Birth Story Healing session. It's incredible what we discover when we intentionally explore a story. Birth Story sessions help your birth story become integrated into your consciousness instead of a lingering (sometimes haunting) memory. 


I am grieving a pregnancy loss. Can a Birth Story Healing session help me?

Yes! A birth story takes place even if the result is not a live birth. When the baby or fetus leaves our body, that is a type of birth story. Pregnancy loss, at any stage and by any means, can be incredibly difficult to move through, leaving us with deep unresolved grief we often experience alone. A Birth Story Healing session is one way to help you evolve through the grief. Reclaim your important story and experience the loving support that I can offer you. 


What do I do to set up a Birth Story Healing session?

Contact me bellow. We will set up an initial FREE 30-minute consultation so you have a chance to tell me what you need and have any questions answered. Next, we will set up a time and date that work for you (yes! you can receive a Birth Story Healing session over the phone in your pajamas anywhere in the world!). Finally, we set up payment options that work best for you. Then - we begin the healing journey!


How many Birth Story Healing sessions are beneficial?

That's up to you. One is sufficient for some while others want more. I have found that so much healing can come from just one. Sometimes epiphanies from one session can lead to a desire to explore further with follow-up sessions. One thing is certain, you will learn a lot and you will never be pushed to do more. 

Cost: $125

Available in-person, via phone, or Skype