A Supported Mama is a Happier Mama

Be a part of a brand new village of support for mothers where your voice is heard and your story honored.

Finally, a chance to have your unique needs met in community with others! We will delve into the labyrinth of motherhood and illuminate all its unique twists, turns, highs and lows in a safe and supportive environment.

Our First Gathering Begins in September

It's not just a place to vent! Make lasting change through guided exploration of feelings using art making, guided visualization, ritual, journaling, and sharing with the intention of achieving deeper self-awareness to enhance our life.

You inspire me!

Let me know what topics are close to your heart as a mother. 

The topic of our first group in September is

Tugging At Heartstrings: Sending Your Child To School

Whether your preparing to send you child to preschool, kindergarten, middle school or high school, sending them off can tug at your heartstrings ... or lead you to full blown feelings of anxiety, grief, and loss. What's going on inside mama? Let's figure it out together. Join us!

Contact me to register today at denise@riverwaterhealing.com.

Does this topic not interest you? No worries! Topics will vary based on need. Share what's important to you today to see this topic the focus of a group tomorrow. It takes a village! I'd love to see you be a part of ours.