I've been asked recently, "Hey, when are you going to write about our new reality?" 

Here's the thing.

Many wise (and otherwise) voices have been speaking. Sharing thoughts and advice. To add a voice is sometimes deafening. These past two months I've been called to listen, listen, listen some more, and look for that crossroads moment when inspiration and timing align. 

Now's the time.

What I share below is a dose of my deep thoughts to (hopefully) inspire, assist, and unify, along with ways I am called to serve you in these challenging times. Please share with those your heart calls you to. 


Shift of Power


"Shift of power": to cause a country, group, or person to have more power than a competing one.

When I heard this term in reference to our new political reality, I was sad, afraid, and angry. (Heck yea I feel those feelings too!)

The contrast between the presidential inauguration and the Women's March on Washington was palpable. DC felt noticeably different from one day to the next! This experience revealed just how meaningful power shifts are in our lives, particularly in the lives of women. I choose to reclaim the notation of a “shift of power” so as not to let the concept leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

A power shift in our life can be that moment of transition and transformation within us physically (body), emotionally (feeling), and spiritually (wise mind/intuition/divine).  We are constantly experiencing power shifts, but we rarely (if ever) recognize them unless they are massive shifts, like birth and death.

During the Women’s March on Washington, I experienced a shift of power on a global scale. Mass amounts of voices, bodies, and energies. When women’s power is threatened, we will engage in a massive tug of war to take it back! And we'll continue to tug when we see injustice in our communities.

The power tug of war is in full effect! Are you ready?

The universe (call it what you will) sends out a "Call" to a new shift of power within each of us. A grand inner uprising. A personal evolution that effects how we each contribute to changing the world.

We all must answer that Call!

What does the "Call" mean for you?

What I hear is an invitation to step-up your leadership. To notice and accept a shift of power within you in order to become more of who you're meant to be in this life. This is important for yourself, your community, and your world.

Leadership means different things to different people. Now is the time to get clear on what makes YOU a leader!

Quick example: Are you a stay at home parent? Doubtful that leadership applies to you? What would be different if you began seeing yourself a leader for your family. Where your focus is in mindfully directing your power to create a safe and comfortable environment for your family? That’s LEADERSHIP. And that’s just one example!

This is how you tug back! Stepping up your leadership is like intentionally grabbing the rope!

(I’ve got tons of ideas on how leadership applies to you. Need help figuring it out? I can help you. Don’t hide in the shadows of doubt anymore. The world can’t wait.)


River Water Healing Responds to The Call

 I recognize that there is a whole lot of fear being stirred up. As my super tuned-in friend said to me last night, "Everybody is transmuting some heavy shit these days." She's right!

Your feelings are valid! If you didn’t have anxiety before, well...maybe now you are getting to know what that feels like.

Humbling isn’t it?

We are all experiencing a tide of emotions that leaves us feeling worn out, wondering, “Do I have it in me to fight this fight?”. "I mean, its only been two weeks!"

I have confidence, you do. Self-awareness will help you there.

Friends, we have no other choice. We might as well stay sane in the process of resisting an oppressive tyrant who seeks to undermine our progress. 

If nothing else, this political and social earthquake has broken down the walls we kept so tightly around us. The walls that kept us looking only at those who resemble us for comfort. Those that only kept us believing that there is no room for change as long as we are comfortable and safe. We are now left uncomfortable, and rightly so. As those who have and keep experiencing generational discomfort, this is a rare opportunity to sit with our own. To look in the mirror and actually accept the hard parts that make us who we are. That self-awareness will get us far. Maybe those walls are meant to be broken for good. 


Calling All Community Leaders & Healers (Artists, I'm looking at you too!)

We are all working overtime to meet the tremendous need.

The world can’t afford for you NOT to get your own shit together, friends. We need you to be okay! To not be exhausted, and not drown in emotions, or triggers, or fear. To not leave little left for yourself because, simply put, that’s not sustainable. This is not a dress rehearsal. This IS the show!

We are the pillar of support our clients, students, community, friends, and family are leaning upon. And pillars get tired of holding everyone up! All that energy expenditure leaves little left for you.

Artists, I know your minds are buzzing with rich concepts to put out into the world. Art, in all its forms, is of *massive* importance, specially during power shifts and revolutions.

We need you to uplift us and call us out. You are our emotional barometer.

We need your mind clear of clutter to get that vision to manifest on the canvas, in clay, on stage, in the street (you name it!). I mean, they threaten to take away our funding so, what do we do? You better believe we make more art!


We need self-care and emotional release now, More. Than. Ever. (Pssst.....That’s where I can be of service to you.)

My life-purpose and mission is this: to give YOU the emotional relief and support you need to can go back out there and LEAD! That is how I lead. 

I encourage you not to wait to get emotional support, from me or someone else.

Your unique issues, doubts and fears will probably be triggered by this government, if they haven’t stirred in you already. Pick an issue resurfacing & get to work!


Unlike the leaders of yesterday, today we have *plenty* of avenues for emotional self-care. Those who's legacy we model and honor didn't have this privilege.

Imagine what can happen when a leader is not only charismatic and effective but also has their emotional wellness in older - POTENT! 

Stepping up your leadership means stepping up your self-care.

You know this to be true.

Don’t have the time? Yea, I’ve used that "reasoning" too…. When I noticed that my cronic lack of self-care was about me valuing giving to others more than keeping some for myself, well, that changed things for me. My 'savior urge' was revealed so I could transform it. I work on that every single day. 

What’s it about for you? (I want to hear from you. What are the obstacles in the way of your self care. Please share in the comments bellow.)


If you feel called to reach out to me, I will make the time for you. My clients and friends know this: 

“If you need to reach Denise for help, she makes you feel like there is nothing more important than you.” -S

You can reach me via email, text, phone, and in-person (or right here). Visit my Healing the Healer  & Artist Mirror pages for more information.


Flow Mama Responds to The Call

Last year, Flow Mama’s purpose was to create a safe sisterhood support circle to creatively serve the emotional needs of Mama’s passionate about leading mindful lives.

We are kicking it up a notch.

In addition to a creative support gathering for mindful mothers, Flow Mama is a place for Mama’s to come into their personal & unique power. Where you can explore the power shift within!

We are leaders, each in our own way.

You may be leader in your family.
You may be leader in your community.
You may be the next leader in government. Or a movement. Or a revolution.

Flow Mama recognizes your leadership power and potential and will actively help to integrate that power into each and every one of you sisters.

It takes a village to make a leader.

We are that village. You are that leader!!!!


With love and respect for the power within you,