I believe pregnancy is an extraordinary opportunity for deep, transformative self-discovery in preparation for birthing not only your child, but also yourself as a mother. The journey is rich with metaphor—an optimal time for emotional and spiritual growth. As your baby grows, you grow. When your baby is born, you are reborn. I will guide you to make your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience more meaningful, mindful, and empowering.


Why Support Through Pregnancy Matters

  • A mindful pregnancy can help you navigate the uncertainties that present themselves in labor and parenthood with more confidence.
  • A well-supported mother can aid in the prevention of unnecessary labor interventions and trauma, as well as reducing the chance of postpartum depression and anxiety. 
  • Pregnancy mentoring can help decrease feelings of isolation, loneliness, fear and anxiety, while increasing feeling supported, understood, and empowered. 
Working with Denise prepared me to take the sacred rite of passage of labor, birth and transformation to mom of two. I KNOW our work together played an enormous roll in my birth experience, which was a powerful climax to the work we began months prior.
— Abigail

Pregnancy Mentoring Services Include:

  • Emotional support and guidance through all stages of pregnancy
  • Birth preparation
  • Counseling for infertility, difficult pregnancies, & miscarriage
  • For mom's preparing to give birth again: processing previous pregnancy or birth experience (Also see Birth Story Healing sessions)
  • Creation of Birth Art


When Pregnancy Is Extra-Challenging

Every mother-to-be brings her unique life-experience to pregnancy. And some of us have a more difficult time emotionally than others. You are not alone. Take this opportunity to work through life's challenges to help prepare you for the new experiences motherhood will bring you.

Here is how I can the survivor mama: 

  • Use "what comes up" in pregnancy as a guide to talk about difficult past experiences.  
  • Counseling for those who experienced traumatic childhoods and PTSD
  • Counseling for children of narcissistic parents or mothers
  • Counseling for survivors of sexual abuse and rape
  • Counseling for those who experienced emotional neglect as children
  • Help regulating feelings of fear, anxiety, and sadness.
  • Processing feelings from pregnancy loss of any type
  • Navigating grief during pregnancy

For the Highly Sensitive mama:

  • Help navigate "overwhelm" during pregnancy
  • Regulate intense feelings, empathy overload,  & anxiety

For mom's preparing to give birth again:

  • Process previous challenging pregnancies 
  • Process previous challenging postpartum experiences
  • Process unexpected or traumatic birth experiences (see Birth Story Healing)