“It is a sacred process to work with Denise. She takes dedication to her client to a new level. She always comes prepared to take me further every time we meet. She gently guided me when I was in the dark and couldn't see directional signs, and gracefully let me lead when I felt I needed to go in a certain direction. Because of her intuition that is always on point, her guidance was always exactly what my spirit needed. It is obvious that this is her calling...no one can be this good at what they do and not be supported by The Universe in their work.” -Abby


Denise, is an amazingly compassionate person. She has always made me feel respected and honored for who I am and has helped me to find the confidence and strength to follow my true life's path.  Her patience is immeasurable. Having Denise as a mentor in my life has truly been a gift.” -Monique


“Denise isn’t a therapist, she’s really more like an existential detective.” – Emily


“Denise’s work with me prepared me to take the sacred rite of passage of labor, birth and transformation to mom of two.  I KNOW our work together played an enormous roll in me my birth experience, a truly powerful climax to the work we began months prior. This was very different from my labor experience with for my first child. With her guidance, I was able to use this pregnancy and birth to heal from my last pregnancy and birth. She truly helped me to OPEN myself spiritually, mentally and emotionally for the arrival of my baby.” -Abigail


“Denise creates a safe space for me to speak honestly and out loud the things that I may feel are too harsh or intense to share with anyone else. She helps me accept the validity of my feelings and clarify them as well. Denise is compassionate and supports me at being more gentle with my ‘flaws’ or weaknesses, and encourages me to have the strength to face them and learn from them.” -Heather


“Working with Denise, my second pregnancy was joyful, anxiety free, and deeply moving...she helped me work the rich and fertile grounds that pregnancy is meant to be...and to reap the bountiful harvest of all that pregnancy can offer a woman. I fully intend to have her mentor me during my next pregnancy for another mindful experience...I wouldn't want to journey the labyrinth without her as my guide!” -Lynn


"Anyone whose life path is dedicated to helping those around them heal, improve their current health or mental state, or any other endeavor that puts him/her in a position of service can attest to the immense rewards that this journey brings. They can also attest to the challenges that one faces, especially as it pertains to maintaining one's own balance and wellbeing. I have yet to come into contact with someone as dedicated to and as effective in lending the, much needed, support healers themselves need. My experience with Denise altered the course of my understanding of my life calling and helped me identify, define and later articulate the multi-tiered services that I lend today to my clients. She is an inspirational and rooted voice, a compassionate and committed healer and a woman dedicated to empowering others. Rarely do we come into contact with individuals such as her." - Niki

"Working with Denise was a true blessing!  After the birth of my second child I began experiencing my emotions much more intensely than I was used to, and I was having an especially difficult time with unresolved anger... working with Denise helped me to embrace and integrate my emotional self, and to deal more lovingly with myself.  I feel more whole now, and I'm able to bring that wholeness to my family, my work and all that I relate to.  Thank you Denise!" -Kam